Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sun 7.6.2015 empty...

This morning was practically empty giving very short Turkey. Only one transmitter was up for one minute on 87.8 MHz, remained UNID. That's it so far.


Les N1LF said...

Lots of DX'ers in the United States following your progress. We've also been discussing the equipment, and techniques used in the EU for FM DXing.

I'm curious about the Triax FM Pre-amplifiers that you're using. Can you tell me the model number, and provide a link to order them? Good FM pre-amps in the US are unheard of.

Hope the DX and E-Skip improves on both ends of the pond. Best of luck and DX.

Les Rayburn, N1LF

Harri Kujala said...

N1FL, thanks for the message.

Sorry, I had outdated info in the right-side column in this blog. Now it is ok.
Triax preamp is not manufctured anymore. Just for this Utö16 pedition we use first time FM Preamp Type 1301 88-230 MHz (Research Communication Ltd / UK).
You can find this dealer from internet. It seems to be very good.

We saw here that you have had openings in some parts in USA (Haiti etc.).