Saturday, 13 June 2015

Meteor-reflection examples

Here in Utö meteor-reflections are always very dense in the beginning of June. There are constant short flashes - even that this time of the year there are no big meteor-showers.
Here you can see AirSpy-waterfall screen-captures as an example of the phenomenon here in Utö. There are a lot of constant quick random flashes on almost every frequency - and in the lower screen an example of one meteor-burst for larger area giving one second long reflection to every frequency.

   Example of short random scattered meteor-flashes 92.8 - 95.3 MHz (click)
  And here below usual one second long burst for wider area, mostly C-Europe high-powers:
And here below Otso's 4x Sony XDR-set with Jurgen's StationList Auto PI-feature. All visible ids comes from meteor-bursts except the right-one, Italian R.D.S. 94.2 MHz is Sporadic E-skip.

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