Sunday 14 June 2020

Two FM-DX-Peditions in summer 2020 in Finland

Two FM-DX-pedtions were organized once again in Finland on two QTHs/groups.

FM-DX-Utö 2020. Utö-island, SW Finland
Traditional FM-DX-Utö was live with changing group from 3.6.2020 till 17.6.2020.

The participants were JTK, JJS, MB, OSY, JY.

THE RESULTS in Utö 2020
The results on the first 10 days was a disaster, even worse than past two years. Only some weak French and Spanish shortly during the first 9-10 days. On Sat evening 13.6.2020 there were 20 minutes good Serbian opening MUF108 and later in the evening 15 minutes South Italy.
On Sunday 14.6.2020 some SCO and IRL for 10-15 minutes, but the highlight on Sunday was quick skip to Lebanon on 88.7 MHz!
Last full day Tue 16.6.2020 morning gave a nice opening to South France and to Girona-, Bilbao- towers in North Spain. The band was open till late night to BUL, ROU for some moments every now and then.

OTHER PARTS OF FINLAND at this same period
The Utö-group was not lucky with Es-clouds, which were hanging almost over Utö-island, especially Sunday 13.6.2020, when the rest of Finland was enjoying of unique short-skip-openings mainly to SWE, DNK, NOR, HOL, BEL, FRO, ISL and SCOTLAND. The best openings took place to Northern Finland, even to Lappland! In the southwest-coast of Finland almost nothing was heard on this great day, which is very rare.
The Es-clouds have been positioned to very North this summer, more North than usual.

FM-DX-PORON-4, Virolahti, SE Finland
This is the 4th time for Poronniemi FM-DX-camp. Start 5.6.2020 till 17.8.2020.

The participants were the samE as past years: HKU, VJR, TAK

The FM-conditions in Virolahti were very good, after two weak past years.

THE RESULTS in Virolahti 2020
Fri 5.6.2020 Turkey MUF 108
Fri 5.6.2020 Russia - MY (-oblast)

Sat 6.6.2020 OIRT Yeakterinburg
Sat 6.6.2020 Russia 2h - OB, UL, SA - long MUF 108
Sat 6.6..2020 Germany, Benelux, Denmark. MUF over 100. Dutch pirates heard.
Sat 6.6.2020 Turkey Istanbul MUF 108

7.-.11.6.2020 No conds

Fri 12.6.2020 Turkey and Russia
Fri 12.6.2020 Great opening IRAN (Gorgan etc.), Georgia, Azerbaidzan and Armenia. MUF 108.

Sat 13.6.2020 Russia OB - MUF 108
Sat 13.6.2020 Dagestan on OIRT
Sat 13.6.2020 Kosovo. Lower band 4 minutes
Sat 13.6.2020 Italy 10 minutes
Sat 13.6.2020 Southern Italy and Balkan for 50 minutes. MUF 108

Sun 14.6.2020 OIRT opening in the early moning
Sun 14.6.2020 Great opening to Scotland, Shetland island, Faroe Island, The speciality was short-skip-Sweden with only 797 km distance. Also Denmark and Norway with short skips with nice RDS-signals.
Shetland and Faroe islands were both opened for even 20-30 minutes.

Tueday 16.6.2020 RUS (Tarastan, Kazan) and Kazachstan MUF 108. OIRT open for many hours