Wednesday 31 July 2013

Wednesday, 30th July: Weak Turkey, Greece etc.

Beautiful and sunny day in Utö. A bit stronger tropo but nothing special. The forecast map is promising somthing better on tropo for the weekend, for Sunday.
After midday we had rapid and weak opening to South. Several stations were logged from Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. This was weak and lasted only about 20 minutes.

Here some loggings, after 10.40utc
66.44 BR Gomel FM, Smyatanichy, Belarus (at 1238utc)
89.0 R Metronom, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania
89.5 TRT FM, Canakkale-tx, Turkey
90.1 Radio Z, Zimnicea, Romania
90.6 R Energy, Belogradčik-tx, Bulgaria
91.2 Magic FM, Romania
91.2 Radio Veselina, Pleven/kv. Družba-tx, Bulgaria
93.0 TRT 1 Radyo Bir, Canakkale-tx, Turkey
93.2 Darik R, Bulgaria
93.6 Maximum FM, Alexandroupolis, Greece
95.3 Possibly R Evros, Alexandroupolis, Greece

Photo below: Tapio Kalmi (TAK) participating first time Utö FM-DX. Tapio uses 2 x Perseus FM+ and 2 x Sony XDR and records XDR-audio to minilab. Click for bigger view.

Below: JJK, TAK and JJS installing 2 x Triax 8-elem yagis (Photo JUS). CLICK for bigger view:

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Tuesday, 30th July: Utö13 FM-DX-camp is up!

FM-DX-camp in Utö is up again, for the 2nd time this season. The crew is here to prepare Finnish annual national DX-meeting 2013 (SDXL Summer-meeting 2013). Over 40 participants will come to Utö during the coming days and the offcial meeting will be 2-4.8.2013.
For the start the crew consists of 6 listeners: HKU (Harri Kujala), JUS (Jussi Suokas) , JJS (Jukka Soini), OSY (Otso Ylönen) , JJK (Jari Korhonen)  and TAK (Tapio Kalmi)  who is in Utö for the first time.

Many SDR Perseus FM+-receivers and Sony XDR's are on the tables and 8-el.Triax V-/H-antennas + 4-el yagi (for 50-70 MHz) are up.
We arrived to Utö after  midday and luckily it was not raining anymore during antenna installation. The weather will be sunny for the rest of the week!!

No conditions for the Tuesday afternoon or evening. but it is better this way, to built DX-sites with no rush or panic. We might have some tropo for the weekend. Let's see.

Much more photos will be published here later when the meeting is going on.