Monday 16 March 2009

Next Utö FM-peditions will be 22.6. - 5.7.2009

FM-DX-peditions to Utö this summer will be from Saturday 20th June till Sunday 5th July 2009. Totally 15 days for station-hunting with 2 different groups!

First time there will be four listeners at the same time - and for two days even six! This is not a problem as we will have 6 antennas anyway (3 x V + 3 x H) and there is enough space in the houses. All listeners have new
Sony XDR-F1HD-receivers so there will be also less interferencies (no IF-carrier from Sony).

The first group is Marko Brask (MB, Espoo) and Otso Ylönen (OSY, Salo) from 20 - 28.6.2009.
The participants of the 2nd group are Harri Kujala (HKU, Naantali), Jukka Soini (JJS, Kurikka), Jussi Suokas (JUS, Joensuu) and as new one: Jukka Kotovirta (JTK, Helsinki). All very experienced FM-DXers. They will be in Utö between 26.6 - 5.7.2009.
Totally two weeks monitoring time. Somebody will hear something...