Tuesday 29 April 2014

Utö FM-DX summer 2014 schedules

Utö14-pedition lasts one week, 29.5 - 4.6.2014. There are 4 DXers on the first run of this season: JY (Juha Ylönen), TAK (Tapio Kalmi), YK (Yrjö Kainulainen), JOE (Jouko Peltomäki). Two last mentioned are first-timers. Some of the best highlights of this pedition will be booked here.

Utö15-pedition lasts 10 days again, 5 - 16.6.2014. The 8 participants are the original "Utö Boyz", making this again as full crew: HKU, JUS, JJS, JTK, MB, OSY, JJK, JY. This is 7th pedition in a row in Utö (2008 - 2014), but not with full crew every year. The very first FM-pedition to Utö was held in 2004 by HKU and JUS.
Daily "log" or description of the FM-conditions are published here as previous years.