Saturday 31 May 2014

Sat 31.5.2014: Nice Turkey opening + Russia, East Europe

Saturday gave nice one hour Turkey-opening to Ankara, which is very rare to reach. Also Zonguldak, Göztebe and Samsun were audible from Turkey.

The whole afternoon gave short peaks to Russia and also ROU, BUL and MDA. The OIRT was open all the time from 06-16utc.
Late evening short Italy peaking.

Friday 30 May 2014

Utö14-pedition started - Weak peaks today

This season's first Utö-pedition, Utö14 (29.5 - 4.6.2014), started yesterday evening. Two jagi antennas were up late Thursday evening.

On the first full day there were brief peaks to C-Europe giving some signals from 6 countries: I / CZE/ AUT/ F / HRV /SVN. Not serious conds. Later in the afternoon shortly GRC, MKD, ROU, BUL, KOS but low MUF again (+OIRT). Nothing in the evening.
Vertical Körner-yagi silenced suprisingly with no clear reason. Now there is 8-element Triax as V.

Here some photos of the participants: JY (Juha Ylönen), TAK (Tapio Kalmi), YK (Yrjö Kainulainen), JOE (Jouko Peltomäki). The photos were taken by TAK.

Equipment used by TAK (above) 1) Internet and logging PC   2)  2*Sony XDR-GTK + 2*RDS Spy +  2* Total recorder   3) Perseus FM+ PC    4)  One extra laptop not in use yet
                                JY in front and JOE behind.