Friday, 30 May 2014

Utö14-pedition started - Weak peaks today

This season's first Utö-pedition, Utö14 (29.5 - 4.6.2014), started yesterday evening. Two jagi antennas were up late Thursday evening.

On the first full day there were brief peaks to C-Europe giving some signals from 6 countries: I / CZE/ AUT/ F / HRV /SVN. Not serious conds. Later in the afternoon shortly GRC, MKD, ROU, BUL, KOS but low MUF again (+OIRT). Nothing in the evening.
Vertical Körner-yagi silenced suprisingly with no clear reason. Now there is 8-element Triax as V.

Here some photos of the participants: JY (Juha Ylönen), TAK (Tapio Kalmi), YK (Yrjö Kainulainen), JOE (Jouko Peltomäki). The photos were taken by TAK.

Equipment used by TAK (above) 1) Internet and logging PC   2)  2*Sony XDR-GTK + 2*RDS Spy +  2* Total recorder   3) Perseus FM+ PC    4)  One extra laptop not in use yet
                                JY in front and JOE behind.

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