Thursday 11 June 2015

Thu 11.6.2015: South Italy (Brindisi,Taranto etc.), some Balkan

Surprising opening started quickly at 08.55utc giving South Italy (around Brindisi - Taranto - Barletta) and several peaks to Croatia, Montenegro etc. Not much MUF either this time. This fun lasted some 30 minutes.

Whole Wednesday was very silent and Thursday morning as well. We had sauna in Wednesday evening and almost the whole crew swam in only 10 degrees cold water (not HKU, JUS).
(Unfortunately JTK had to leave the island even on Monday because of job-duties)

Today we try to visit the uninhabited Ormskär-island beside (=Snake-islet island). Yesterday it was too windy to go there by small boat, although it is only a few hundred meters away.

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