Thursday, 4 June 2015

Wed 3.6.2015

The crew arrived to Utö at 15.20 and faced heavy wind 10-15 m/s.

It was very hard to erect antennas because of cold and windy weather, so only the horizontal yagi antenna and 6-element yagi for OIRT (65-74 MHz) rised up in Wednesday evening.

We had two unsed Körner 15.11's released from the cardboard packeages to build first time and it took many hours to have them ready.
Also we have now new ultra low noise FM Preamp Type 1301 88-230 MHz (Research Communication Ltd / UK) FM-amplifiers to try first time. The first impression is very good. Before we have had Triax 88-108-amps.

We have here all kind SDR-receivers connected to computers - and in all over 20 Sony XDR-receivers with GTK/StationList-features.

The crew wish ionospheric weather to be very cloudy but stratospheric not...

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