Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sat 6.6.2015 - Whole Saturday empty band

Snakeskin cable
Saturday did not give anything for FM. A lot of meteors hitting ionosphere all the time. On an empty monitored frequency there is almost all the time signal burst from short flashes to several seconds.

Friday evening card-game results: JTK took Utö-championship 2015 with hands down win (2nd HKU and 3rd JJS). Congratulations!

Half of the crew (OSY, MB, JTK, JY) runs "Utö-marathon" (5,2 km / about 28 minutes) every morning at 9. This morning the crew encounted big snake on the ground. There are a lot of snakes in this island so it is a bit dangerous to run here.
Here is a photo of snakeskin in HKU's hands, found Fri evening.
(Note the  new Körner antenna-photo below on Friday update)

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