Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sat 13.6.2015: Silence

Whole Saturday was silent, weak OIRT in the evening. This is the last full day here in Utö. The antennas were taken down in the evening, except the best one for Es, horizontal Körner. It will be dismounted aroud the last minutes of this pedition on Sunday midday.

Here in Utö the difference between horizontal and vertical during Sporadic E is significant. Perhaps only 1/10 of the audible station have been observed with vertical in the openings past week. Sometimes with vertical the lively Es-band looks like empty.

According to our crew, there are some conditions when vertical is better, especially with very short E-skips, under 1000 km (not observed here).

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Unknown said...

I think most of fm teransmitters antenna in Europ should be in vertical polarization