Monday, 8 June 2015

Mon 8.6.2015: Weak Italy, Greece and France in the evening

Sunday was empty and Monday looked bad.  But after 16.30utc we had Italian stations from Lecce area, but mostly weak and peaks. Later some Greece, but again signals were mostly weak and short. For the end South France close to Spain border, but only networks id'ed.

Still we are waiting for the big bang - and it was close today, the MUF-clouds were 100-200 km too south for us.

Thanks for the link-hints given by PUL (the comment below this message). For N1LF from USA: Please see our updated equipment-list on the right column of this blog and my comment for your comment on Sun 7.6-message!

Here photos of the crew taken yesterday evening. You might notice it is not warm here because of wind.  CLICK THE PHOTOS FOR BIGGER VIEW!

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