Sunday, 7 June 2015

The most advanced XDR-GTK-studio for FM-DXing

Below you can see Otso Ylönen's FM-DX-setup on the table here in Utö. It defenately is the most advanced FM-DX-studio using Sony XDRs modified with Konrad's GTK.

There are 4 Sony XDR-receivers under the table. Each receiver is visible on the screen with different colors and all of them are recorded on individual colored audio-tracks with Reaper-software. The receivers are positioned to ear-phones with Reaper, to left and right ears, and can be chosen individually as well.
On the right-down corner XDR-GTK-bandscans are visible.
Nice feature is also home-built knob-tuning panel for each receiver!

Two other computers are for maps, loggings and station-lists. Works very well after some fight with extra-USB-soundcards.
Later Otso added also RTL-SDR USB-stick to the system as the fifth receiver!
                               CLICK THE PHOTOS FOR BIGGER VIEW!

Later Reaper-recorded was moved to left display and StationLits installed below every XDR.

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