Friday, 7 June 2013

The Utö12-camp is up, Friday 7.6.2013

Utö12-pedition was ready in Thursday evening. This is a 6th summer in a row. We arrived at 6PM. This time we have only two Körner yagi-antennas (V and H) devided to two houses for 6 listeners. Now we have better coax-cable to minimize losses (about 3dB/100m).

The group has in all 17 Sony XDR-receivers (not all connected) and 6 Perseus FM+,  2 x Perses-, 2 x DTV300-USB-stick-receivers.

During installation on Thursday evening there were exceptional tropospheric conditions to Northern Sweden
(and also all around Baltic sea). NRJ Örnsköldvik 107.1 (local id) was identified with only a whip-antenna in the the terrace!! The conditions died out when antennas were up but the band is now full of close transmitters.

On Friday-morning Skipmaster-T-shirt (longest distant-skip holder) is holded by Marko (MB) with Kiss FM, Romania 88.0 MHz. This is id'ed via meteor. No Sporadic E-yet.

Installation-photo below (Utö lighthouse is in the background) Left: JJS,JY,JTK,MB,JJK, photo HKU (the shadow).


TIK said...

Utössäkään ei havaittu aurora-essiä Islantiin yms.?

Harri Kujala said...

Myrsky tosiaan iski, mutta ei ole Au-essiä havaittu. HKU