Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday, 9th June: Empty Sunday

Boring Sunday on the wavelengths - totally empty day (there were good conditions in SW Europe) - so, playing cards. Today's game was won by JTK.

The "Skipmaster" T-shirt (longest skip's holder) is now on Juha (JY). He identified GR Parlamento (audio-id) via meteor on 101.7 MHz. This transmitter is located sligthly to the south of Bari, South Italy. Distance is 2246 km. A few more photos (click):

DTV300 Climax Digital SDR-USB-stick connected to Körner-antenna. This tiny receiver costs only 15 € but gives nice results in Utö. The highest sensitivity and gain can be used in Utö because there are no local transmitters. Below is a printscreen-photo around 90 MHz (2 MHz spectrum with V-polarization):

 Körner 15:11 and Utö lighthouse (red-white) and sea-pilot-building (yellow) with three radars.

This monument in the south part of Utö is mounted in 1989 for the little boat called Draken with the crew of 11 men. It stranded to Utö's rocks only 150 m away from island in 1929. Only 6 survived. They stayed in the close rocks even for 3 days before they were rescued after furious seafaring. Three men tried to swim this 150 m to Utö but only one survied.

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