Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday, 8th June: Nothing!

Empty band today! Also less meteors today, altough we observed one long Italian meteor-peak giving Anni 60 on 87.7 and Capital 87.5 etc. Basic tropo gave Latvian signals, like Laluna on 94.9 MHz (with almost RDS-level) etc, but nothing special.

Usually after Es-opening to deep west (UK, Scotland) in Finland, one or more silent days will follow with Sporadic E (almost 30 years experience). That happened again today. After last night's Scottish opening we had silent Es-day today.

Skärgårds Radio (main frq 90.2 MHz) has new transmitter on 91.7 MHz. It is only 10 watts in Sandhamn 148 km away from Utö. Good signal here.

Evening's card-game was won by HKU (He won ice-cream).

Here below is a photo of Harri's (HKU) DX-set: 3 x Sony XDR connected to little Behringer-mixer (and little Minidisc-rec), Realistic Pro2006-scanner (for 50 MHz links + OIRT) and 2 x DTV300 USB-stick SDR-receivers connected to laptops. (Click)

DTV300 USB-stick SDR-receivers are working here well because of no local transmitters (no harmonics).

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Unknown said...

Laluna on 94,9Mhz is located in Lithuania, Klaipéda :)