Friday 7 June 2013

Friday, 7th June: North Scotland!

The first full day in Utö gave a big surprise just before local midnight! A lot of BBC1, 2, 3-stations were up and BBC Scotland and Nan Gaidheal. Nice new locals (never heard before) were picked up: Caithness FM 102.5, Two Lochs Radio 106.0 /106.6 and The Super Station 105.4 from Orkney island - very nice one! Also MFR 97,4, Tay FM 102.8, Cuillin on 102.7 ided - and Isles FM on 103.0 MHz was very strong with RDS and id. For the end also RTE.
Very unexpected opening!

During the Friday good tropo-signals all around and also strong meteors, as usual. Meteor-skips are here exceptionally strong comparing to continent. For example on 87.5 Italian Radio Capital and tentatively Radio Norba was observed shortly many times.

The "Skipmaster" T-shirt holder is now Juha (JY). He identified Rete 105 on 93.6 MHz via meteor (Terracina-tx). This transmitter on this frq. is in Latina-province, south of Rome, Italy. Distance 2126 km. (Still long way to reach last summer's result).

                No conds in evening - Playing cards outside: 

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