Wednesday 12 June 2013

Wednesday, 12th June: Best Iberia-opening ever!

This Wednesday finally gave us excellent FM-day! We got nice opening lasting even over 7 hours, starting at 12.06 utc and going on till 19.47 utc !! Finally we had Portugal up to 108 MHz and Spain, too. This was the best Iberia-day here ever - they were audible every now and then during whole opening!
After those best Iberian multi-hops we identified a lot of French stations and also Benelux and UK up to 108!!

But who will get the longest distance transmitter and get the "Skipmaster" T-shirt? Some Algerian stations were noticed and perhaps Morocco but not yet identified for sure.
The longest distance nailed in the Wednesday evening to be Portuguese RFM Faro 89.6 MHz. Distance 3263 km. This might chance during next days after checking recordings.

In the morning after tropospheric silence we got slightly better Latvian signals. New transmitters were observed of Radio Valmiera. It seems to be national now with 9 new tx and 3 more to come. Radio Skonto has also new transmitters. They might have local programmes. Let's see (or hear).

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Rob SC - em93va said...

Looks like you guys should be into it right now! Good DX.

Rob SC em93va