Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday, 10th June: Only meteors

No sign of Sporadic-Es...!!! Total silent in Europe! Today's card-game was won by Juha (JY). After cards we had sauna. Those were the results of today.
Here one thing to be noted: MB, JTK and JY run "Utö Marathon" every morning before 9 o'clock. The length of that is about 5 km. The running path goes to every corner of this tiny island (size of 1 x 1,5 km).

Quite frequent meteors are crashing to ionosphere this morning and afternoon. Many countries and high-power transmitters are observed around the band - but not so long bursts.

Here below is a photo of Jari's (JJK) equipment today: You can see 2 x Perseus with FM+ on H- and V-polarization on the screens. On the table is 2 x Dientronik Perses for (48 - 74 MHz, grey boxies), connected when needed - and also one Sony XDR. On the backside of the table is Jukka (JJS) listening with 3 x XDRs. (click)

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