Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sunday, 16th June: Utö12 is over - Compilation

Sunday morning gave us nothing but weak promises. Vertical antenna was removed already yesterday evening and horizontal yagi was up till to end, till Sunday around 11.00 local time. Ferry takes us to the continent leaving at 13.00.

The results of these 10 days looks good, altough the first days in the beginning were clammy.

The compilation of Sporadic E-openings:
-Friday, 7th June: Good opening to North Scotland at midnight our local time
-Wednesday, 12th June: The best Iberia-opening ever giving Portugal, Spain and Algeria - also France, UK and Benelux. Great day - over 7 hours opening! 
-Thursday; 13th June: Big opening to Russia around Samara, Togliatti and Zyzran-cities. Before that some weak Italy and Turkey.
-Friday, 14th June: Short peaks to south for one hour.

Tropo was very strong to North Sweden when we installed antennas. It gave distant DXing only with a whip-antenna to Umeå and Örnsköldsvik area! Many DX-stations were logged on the band with tropo but nothing new came up (but many new transmitters were observed).

Tropo-scatter: No hunting on tropo-scatter this time, although some scattering was observed on the band (in the year 2006 scattering was strong to Kaliningrad and Poland, but for example an year ago almost nothing). We do not know what kind of tropospheric conditions is needed over Baltic Sea for scattering here.

Meteors: A lot of stations were identified via meteors, especially Italy is very common here comparing to the continent. Perhaps all European countries noticed via meteors. Those are mostly high-power tx's.

Plus(+)-stations counting (=first loggings ever in Finland)
A lot of plus(+)-stations were logged (=logged first time in Finland). Here a rough compilation by country. Much more will be found later from the recordings:
Russia: 29 - Portugal: 17 - Spain: 5 - UK: 4 - France: 2 - Italy: 1 - Switzerland: 1, - Belgium: 1, Kazakhstan: 1
This list is very divergent comparing to previous years!! Almost no Russians noted before - and of course Iberia emphasis this year is nice.

The Skipmaster T-shirt ("Who catches the longest skip"-competition) goes to Jukka (JJS). He heard RFM, Monchique/Fóia-tx, South Portugal, 104.9 MHz and from the same tower Radio Renascensa 98.6 MHz. Both 10 kW. Distance 3277 km.

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