Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday, 14th June: Very short Es-peaks to south

Only weak activity in ionosphere this Friday. Around midday we had very short peaks to direction south; Italy, Balkan, Greece and France, each lasting only 1 -2 minutes. However, some stations were identified:

14.6.2013 LOG (It is possible to write a short log because only a few stations id'ed). Time around 10-11utc:

52.60 - ITALIA:  Rete Radar, Porretta Terme (BO). STL-link frq. Also several Italian networks around 88-89 MHz
88.30 - ITALIA: Radio Margherita, Parabita-tx (LE).
88,40 - FRANCE: Radio Horizon, Sainte Genevieve des Bois (91).
88.40 - FRANCE: Yvelines FM, Trappes (78)
89.20 - SERBIA:  Radio Kulska Komuna, Kula 
89,40 - GREECE:  Arena FM, Thessaloniki 
89,40 - FRANCE: Plus FM, Blois (41).
90.90 - FRANCE: R. BLC 90.9, Cambrai (59)
92.80 - GREECE:  ERA1 Athens. Pilio-tx. Only RDS-id with a silent carrier!!! So, the closure of ERT was also noticed here!

No conditions in the evening.... So we played the most significant card-game of this pedition. It was the Utö Championchip 2013:
The winner was Harri (HKU). (Hard fight with JTK till the last round). HKU also won the total score of all games.

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