Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tuesday, 11th June: Silence continues

With wonder we follow the empty days coming in a row. So far we've had only one opening on Friday midnight (local time) beamed to Scotland... Today weak meteors, zero tropo improvingin afternoon.

Before midday Iran's E2 TV-carrier 53,7396 MHz (100 kW) was obeserved with Icom. That gives a little hope for the coming days. OIRT gave some signals after midday. In the evening we followed Es-opening in SW Europe again - nothing here. Evening's card-game was won by JTK.

I must remind you of the characteristic of this QTH: When there is tropo going on here the band is full of signals and it is difficult to find an empty frequency - but the band is totally empty on zero tropo, so silent that you think the antennas or cable-connections are broken.

Here a photo (click) of the group in cabin A: JY, JTK, MB.

Front: Jukka (JTK), 3 x Sony XDR (2 x MD recorders) and Icom R7000 (for 48-74 MHz).

Left: Juha (JY), 2 x Perseus FM+ and 2 x Dientronk Perses (connected when needed, 48 - 74 MHz), 2 x Sony XDR (with Olympus-recorder)

Right: Marko (MB), Perseus FM+ / 2 x Sony XDR (Olympus-recorder) and Icom R8500 (for 48 - 74 MHz)

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