Thursday 5 June 2014

Utö15 starts Thu 5.6.2014

Utö15-pedition starts today with full and original Utö-Böyz-crew! The ferry arrives at 18.15 local time. 8 listeners will hunt FM-stations for 10 days!
Stations will be identified, cards will be played and perhaps some frisbee also.

The antennas are ready after Utö14 (tnx!), so the only job is to split H- and V-yagis to two cabins - and to raise 50 Mhz/OIRT-antenna (and split it, too).

This year The Skipmaster-competition is arranged once again. The winner will get Skipmaster T-shirt. Only one copy is made (by HKU). The winner and the master is the guy who identifies a station with the longest skip.

The 2012 winner was MB with Morocco MFM Oriental 89.2, Béni-Mellal-site, Morocco. Distance 3685 km.
The 2013 winner was JJS with RFM, Monchique/Fóia-tx, South Portugal, 104.9 MHz and from the same tower Radio Renascensa 98.6 MHz. Both 10 kW. Distance 3277 km.

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