Saturday 7 June 2014

Sat 7.6.2014: Silent morning - very short peaks to south

After peaks to South Europe on two first days we had silent morning on today Satuday, but after midday several very short peaks (max. minute) to Turkey and Romania (Radio Kit and Radio Mamaia ided).
The Longest Skip-holder (Skipmaster T-shirt owner) at the moment is JTK with Radio Melody FM, Patras, Greece. Distance 2394 km.

Here is a photo of OSY's equipment. Otso uses 4 x Sony XDRs (two of them GTK-modified). They are all connected to Reaper-recording software and can be recorded simultaneously to 4 tracks.
The receivers and audio-tracks are coloured so it is easy to follow the receivers live.
It is also possible to mark id-places etc on the tracks during listening / recording.
The 4 XDRs are connected to computer with extra USB-sound cards and each of them can be choosed individually for live audio-monitoring with switchbox. CLICK FOR BETTER VIEW

Photo below (CLICK): Printscreen of Otso's computer. 2x XDR-GTK on the right side. Reaper-recording software with 4 tracks recording. FMLIST open in the left down

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