Sunday 8 June 2014

Sun 8.6.2014: Silent Sunday morning - Toast for Jürgen

Saturday afternoon and evening gave nothing on the band. The first card-game was won my JJS (now North Utö Champion).

We have in all 24 Sony XDR-receivers along here and 9 of them are GTK-modified. Yesterday evening we installed fantastic StationList-software to every computer. SL is made by Jürgen Bartels (Germany).
He gave us beta version of StationList connected to XDR GTK-software!! It is awesome tool in FM-DXing with Sony XDR-GTK!!

The crew was so impressed on SL that we raised a toast for Jürgen for his development on it!!! Photo is below. Thanks Jürgen - and also to Konrad for updating GTK and Günter for FMLIST database!!!

It is fun to listen with XDR-GTK now as the list of stations change when you change frequency - and that you see the transmitters near of the one you are listening to - and very quickly (+ many other features)!!
      -  The crew raising a toast for StationList - made by Jürgen Bartels!
          From left: JY-MB-HKU-JUS-JTK-JJS-JJK-OSY -

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