Monday 16 June 2014

Mon 16.6.2014: Utö 15 is over

Utö 15 is over. The rest 3 of the DX-group dismantled antennas on Monday morning. The band was empty in the morning and on Sunday evening.

This pedition was a little disappointment. No big openings for us and the conditions were mostly 0 - 30 minute lasting peaks.

However, 27 new +-stations (=never heard in Finland before) were identified. The reason for that is that the areas of conditions were towards Balkan and Greece. Especially Balkan has been rare here for many years!  Utö15 did not hear any sign of France, UK and Spain (except tent. Nervion 88.0 MHz by JTK) .  
A lot of meteors were audible again also with several long bursts. Many stations were id'ed by meteor mainly during monitoring the band.

The best catches were LIBYA and tentative ALG,TUN.
JJS took the Skipmaster T-shirt with Libya FM 88.5 MHz. Distance 3081 km (if Benghazi-tx).

First Loggings in Finland listing by country: GRC 5 / KOS 4 / KAL 3 (tropo) / SRB 3  / ROU 2 / UKR 2 /. One plus (+) station from these countries: ALB / BIH / HRV / MKD / I / MNE / RUS / SVN.

Utö16-pedition will be next summer -  3.6 - 14.6.2015.

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