Friday 6 June 2014

Thu evening 5.6.2014: Nice peaks to South Balkan, Greece, Italy

Utö15 started Thu evening. Receivers were installed around 1700utc and the first opening started right away, lasting over 1 h. We had nice peaks to South Balkan: Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Greece and also Italy.
Several new stations were ided.
Here some example loggings from Thu evening (+ = first logging in Finland)
90.700     +MNE: Ruskoe R, Budva. Danilovgrad-tx
90.800     +GRC: R Neapoli, Kavala (30).
91.000     ALB: Radio Jug, Fier.
91.000     ALB: Radio Tirana. RDS-id.
91.200     ALB: Club FM, Tirana.
91.400     GRC: Ola FM, Thessaloniki.
91.400     GRC: Palace FM, Larissa (10).
91.600     +SRB: Elit Radio, Plemetin
93.500     I: Quarto Canale R, Francavilla Fontana BR
98.900     +MKD: R Slobodna Makedonija, Skopje
100.00     +KOS: R Gjakova, Djakovica

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