Sunday 15 June 2014

Sun 15.6.2014: Libya on FM + UKR,RUS,TUR

Conditions seem starting again after several days silence. In the morning opening to Ukraine, mainly Odessa and also Russia. Some Turkey at the same time (Adapazari-tx and Istanbul).

The highlight of today and this pedition was LIBYA on 88.5 MHz: Libya FM 88.5 MHz with RDS and music for one minute, no talk heard. This is supposed to be Benghazi but can be Tripoli as well.
Libya was heard by JJS and it is quite clear he will win the Skipmaster T-shirt with the longest skip 3081 km (about), so we finally got over 3000 km also on this pedition.
JJS was monitoring the band alone and Libya was heard at that time when the rest of the crew was on the harbour as 4 guys left the island today. Only 3 remaining here till tomorrow midday.

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