Monday 9 June 2014

Mon 9.6.2014: Turkey, Greece etc. peaking again - later Hungary, Romania, Balkan

This beginning of June is very odd. There have been openings everyday during past 12 days, but the big opening is still missing!! Mostly short peaks to south everyday. Never before this kind.

The conditions started today with several Turkish at 0440utc, but the best moment to Greece, Turkey, Balkan, Romania, Bulgaria was after 0600utc giving strong peaks for 30 minutes. Thessaloniki- and Istanbul-stations once again etc. Each station was not audible for long time.
At 0730utc short Italy again to Puglia area (Ritmo 80, KissKiss etc.).
Again short 15 min push at 1340utc to Hungary, Balkan, Romania. Strange...

The Skipmaster T-shirt holder is now JJS with TRT Türkü, Kirsehir-tx (ica-kir) 88.8 MHz with 2470 km, the longest distance tx identified until now.

Here below a photo (CLICK it) of OSY's screen now:
- In the left up corner is Reaper-recorder with 4 tracks connected to 4 XDRs. Each XDR can be chosen to tune individually and ids can be marked (long box in the middle) on the tracks if needed. XDRs and tracks are coloured to help controlling them.
- In the right side 2x XDR GTK's. The upper XDR is connected to StationList in the left down corner.
- FMLIST is open in the middle

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