Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wed-Thu 15-16.6.2011 - Local newspaper visit from Salo

Wednesday evening and Thursday morning were silent. Almost nothing in any propagation mode! Frustating. (In fact we had 10 sec long opening to Italy on 87,5 MHz in Thu morning...)

No-conds lead us to play cards. HKU won also 2nd championship (Western Utö-champion) in "Auction"-card-game (=Oh Hell!-game).

We have also played firsbee-game several times (8 players, 2 x 4 teams) in the local football-field. That is fun. You can not run with frisbee, only assist it, to go closer to the goal (pole). And then to sauna.

In Wednesday evening local newspaper from Salo, Salon Seudun Sanomat, visited our camp. There will be a story in SSS of "crazy radio-station-hunters in Utö" later this summer.

The other group of hobbyists which can be seen here in Utö are ornitholgists. They count birds, like we count FM-stations.

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