Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sat 18.6.2011 - Surprising evening opening!

Saturday evening gave surprising opening mostly to Bretagne, France (weak) and to South Italy, even to Sardinia and Bilbao, Spain. Unfortunately skips were short timed.
Identified French stations for example: Radio Bonheur, Guinkamp 90.1, Champagne FM 87.7 MHz, Fréquence Bleu Nord 87.7 MHz, Radio Courtoise 87.8 MHz and many network-tx's from Bretagne.
Also two STL-links from England were audible, both London pirates: Passion FM (52.3 MHz) and Point Blank FM (56.6 MHz). Before them Radio Radar, Bologna, Italy on 52.6 MHz.

The best catch was Radio Rama from Tortoli, Sardinia, Italy on 88.0 MHz (heard before 3 times but - but Sardinia is very rare). Also Radio Onda Blu from Arezzo on 89.2 MHz, Radio Citta Aperto (Roma) on 88.9 MHz etc.
From Spain we heard Radio Nervion 88.0 and Radio Euskadi 1 on 88.9.
Not big condition...

This was our last evening here in Utö, but half of the crew have a chance to be here for one extra day. So, the pedition will continue till Monday morning 20.6.2011.

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