Sunday 19 June 2011

Sun 19.6.2011 - Extra day - UK-opening

Four DX-ser left the island under pressure for other activities on Sunday morning and the rest four had one day extra. Sherlock-map showed there could be a chance for opening after one week silence.

It was a surprise to have signals from North East and North West England (from Newcastle to Manx island). There were seldom BBC-frequencies up. We identified BBC Radio Newcastle and BBC Radio Cumbria and commercial radio The Bay on 96.9 MHz. No signals above 100 MHz.

The most interesting frequency was 87.7 MHz because it is dedicated to RSL-station (short-termed stations, mostly on air for +/- one week with very low power (10 Watts or so). We heard two stations on 87.7 MHz.

Indian or Pakistan Unknown RSL on 87.7 MHz was audible for 5-6 minutes. We hope it will be solved.
One chance for that is Meraj FM from Huddersfield (Muslim Festival Radio). On The other RSL gave id and should be solved later. Aubible for 10 minutes on 87.7 MHz but fading out in favorable moments.
These can be listened from

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