Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wed 15.6.2011 - 3 min meteor

Looking bad with sporadic E... but we got something special for this morning.
We observed exceptionally long meteor hitting ionosphere on Wednesday morning at 06.47 utc.
That big meteor turned into 3 minutes long ion-layer bringing this:

87.9 MHz -06.48- D: MDR Figaro, Inselsberg-tx
102.2 MHz -06.47- D: Antenne Thüringen, Inselsberg-tx, Eastern Germany

Markku Sollo (MSO) in Tohmajärvi (near Joensuu, East Finland) logged this same meteor and heard 89.0 RTL from Germany. Also Marko Weck (MWE) in Kangasala noticed this (comment belo
88.400 MHz
-10.40- HOL: Slam! FM gave ID later at 10.30 utc via meteor.w).

Yesterday 14.6.2011 HR4 Rhein-Main-regional (Frankfurt) was heard at the same time on 102.5 MHz and 104.3 MHz by two listeners!!! This is the first observation of this regional station in Finland.
Ionosphere is giving longer bursts for us every now and then. Forexample at 11.44 utc to Italy lasting 2,5 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

The same exceptional meteor reception observed in Kangasala as well. There were a lot of audible frequencies. Just one identified, though: 89.3 RMF FM. The other recordings I made were from Germans on 89.3 and 91.1.