Monday, 20 June 2011

10-20 Watt RSL-stations from NW-England!

Last day in Utö bought very special stations: Two RSL-stations (=Restricted Service Licence) from 87.7 MHz from England! RSL-stations operate principally on 87.7 and transmitter power is only 10-20 Watts.

I got help from UK-FM-DXers (on Skywaves) to identify Ultra Radio (www) from Morpeth (near Newcastle, NW England). This stations was audible even 10 minutes coming up just before news at 11.00 utc. "Ultra"-id is now clear when you know it on the recording. This station is on the air for one month, 7.6.2011 - 4.7.2011.

Before Ultra we heard indian or pakistan sounding RSL-station on this same frequency for 5-6 minutes. This might be Meraj FM from Huddersfield. It is temporary station on the air 30.5- 30.6.2011.

UK FM-Dxer John Faulkner gave big hand and phoned to this station playing them the received clip. Of course they did not believe this at the station. Playing the clip well via phone is very difficult so John sent the clip to them.Let's hope they listen the clip and give comments of it.

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