Monday 13 June 2011

Mon 13.6.2011 - Italian links around 50 MHz !!

No Es on FM on Monday. The Sherlock-map looked promising towards Italy in the afternoon, but not enough MUF.
However, it was quite close. We heard a few Italian STL-links above 50 MHz. First time here in Utö.
Icom R8500, Realistic Pro 2006 and Tecsun. Antenna 5-el Yagi 50-74 MHz.

Frq. aprox .......... LOG-MONDAY 13.6.2011
-14.04- I: Radio Planet FM, Milano.
- 14.30- I: Radio California- Radio Jukebox, Pescara (PE)
53.2 -14.00- I: tent. Radio R9, San Bendetto del Tronto. Ads to A.Piceno.
59.27 -13.58- I: UNID, possibly Radio Mater.
66.51 - 1400- I: Radio Galileo, Terni (TR). Heard with Tecsun!


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