Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tue 14.6.2011 - Troposcatter-day!

Tropo weakened and frequencies are open for troposcatter from Baltia!
Signals come up from nothing for short strong peaks. Mostly we have hunted stations from Lithuania and Kaliningrad but also something new from Latvia.
87.700 -1023- + LVA: Hity Rossii, Liepaja. Local-id for Liepaja.
92.300 -0834- I: Radio Stella, Modena (MO). Meteor!
92.300 -0811- LVA: City Radio, Liepaja.
94.900 -0922- LVA: Capital FM, Riga. New frequency in Riga! Capital FM on Riga-101.0 MHz closed down but they started again later on new frequency in Riga, 94.9 MHz.
96.100 -1000- LVA: European Hit Radio, Liepaja. Finally local id from this!
97.600 -0803- LTU: M1 Plius, Vilnius. Kaunas tx.
97.800 -0705- LTU: Radio stotis RS2, Siauliai. Nice mid-hour id.
102.500 -1254- + KAL: Radio Mayak, Kaliningrad. Local Mayak-id for Kaliningrad!!
102.900 -1440- + KAL: Love Radio, Kaliningrad. Now with local id!

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