Thursday 19 June 2008

Mp3-examples from Utö

Here a few examples of stations-id's and reception qualities from Utö:

Tilsitskaya Volna
, Kaliningrad 106.9 MHz - mp3
Evropa Plus, Kaliningrad 104.5 MHz - mp3
Russkoje Radio, Kaliningrad 96.3 MHz - mp3
Radio Kelyje, Klaipeda, Lithuania 99.8 MHz - mp3
Radio Lietus, Klaipeda, Lithuania103.7 MHz - mp3
Extra FM, Klaipeda, Lithuania 100.2 MHz - mp3
Eska Rock, Gdynia-tx, Poland 105.6 MHz - mp3

We were very lucky with the conditions in Utö! Since we left the island there has been total silence with E and tropo - for over one week!! A big surprise!

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