Friday, 13 June 2008

Last day - Friday 13.6.2008

Last chance to get Es!! If there will be a good Es-opening today, there is a chance to stay one extra day. During daylight hours we had much tropo-scattering observations specially to Poland (over 600 km), Gdansk, Olsztyn, Bialystok. Same thing with southern Sweden (Göteborg 101.9 MHz etc.).

This morning brought two e-QSLs more, Radio Eska Rock (www). They confirmed my report and told in a brief message that they play quite a lot Finnish rock music. Eska Rock is 2 years old and they have now 18 tx's around the country.

The other replied station was Radio Celje (www) from Slovenia. It was heard here in Utö via Es on 7.8.2008. I got nice reply to my e-mail within 15 minutes. Technician Aljosa Boncina confirmed kindly my clip!

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