Friday 13 June 2008

Utö FM-DX-pedition is over

Friday evening at 21.00 local time we ripped out the antennas to leave the island at 06.15 on Saturday morning. It takes 4h to land to Nauvo and again 1,5h more to Turku by car >.

Sporadic E was disappointment: Only one 2 h condition to southern Italy plus two very brief openings to Balkan area, no more.
Tropo gave us nice results mainly to Kaliningrad, Poland and Lithuania although there were no mega-tropos according to maps.
Tropo scattering was observed now first time clearly by us. Some Polish high-power stations (over 10 kW) and forexample Evropa Plus Kaliningrad 104.5 MHz (5 kW H) popped up from nothing to clean audio many times during daylight hours. It is kind of reflection on empty band giving stations from 500 - 650 km distance! Very strange sounding propagation but it might to be daily here.

Top 5-station-highlights from this pedition:

1. Tilsitskaya Volna, Kaliningrad 106.9 MHz
2. Evropa Plus, Kaliningrad 104.5 MHz
3. Russkoje Radio, Kaliningrad 96.3 MHz
4. Extra FM, Klaipeda 100.2 MHz
5. Idea Radio Alternativa, Latiano (BR), Italy 100.5 MHz
.... Radio Lefkada, Lefkada, Greece (tentatively) 88.4 MHz
+ a few new tropo-stations and a couple of never-heard-before Italians

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