Friday, 13 June 2008

Utö DX-QTH is available for anybody!

Any FM-DXer is wellcome to listen in Utö DX-QTH.
You can ask more details from Harri Kujala / Erik Sjöberg (owner).
This cottage costs 100 € / night and even 4 DXer can listen at the same time (with 4 antennas devided 2/2). There is very high-speed WLAN which is very big + !!

We leave here three 6-7 meters towers, so 3 antennas can be built up quite easily. Ask more from Harri.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You absolutely need amplifiers (forexample Triax-amplifiers) to pick up also the weakest signals!!!

There is a little shop, sauna, inside swimming pool (15m), restaurant, coffees etc. servicies available. It takes 4h with ferry from Nauvo (Pärnes) to Utö (costs 9€).
More Utö-information from

UTÖ FM-BANSCAN VIDEO (low tropo / direction south / FM amplifier)

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