Friday 13 June 2008

Kaliningrad - Lithuania - Tuesday 10.6.2008 Utö FM-DX

Willam Hepburn's Tropo-forecast (www) predicted Tuesday morning's tropo perfectly for us !! (Click the map)

We had strong signals to Klaipeda and deeper Lithuania starting 03.00 utc. Later we finally had Kaliningrad coming up with local ID of Russkoje Radio Kaliningrad on 96.3 MHz. Totally new station from KAL was Tilsitskaya Volna (Sovetsk) on 106.9 MHz!! This is the best catch of this pedition so far!! First timer was also Extra FM from Klaipeda on 100.2 MHz (500 W) !!
Kaliningrad stations are extremely difficult to hear in Finland!!! We have heard strong signals very near around Kaliningard, from Poland and Lithuania, but during the past years only weak KAL on about 5 frequencies (now 3 KAL-station observed in Utö)! There are a lot stations to try from Kaliningrad!

The weather outside did not look like giving tropo - all the time more clouds and even light rain and wind! The best conds were over around 06.00utc.
According to Hepburn's page we will not have tropo-signals anymore this week. Once again we had perfect match of the tropo-forecast on Hepburn's page!

Loggings Tuesday 10.6.2008 (Red=First time in Finland)

91.8 MHz - Marijos Radijas, Siauliai-tx. 04.50-
91.9 MHz - Top Radio, Riga, Latvia. 03.00-
91.9 MHz - Opus 3, Klaipeda-tx, Lithuania (nat. network). 03.11-
92.5 MHz - ZIP FM, Klaipeda-tx. 03.30-
94.9 MHz - Laluna, Klaipeda. 07.20-
96.3 MHz - Russkoje Radio KALININGRAD local programme. 04.56-
99.8 MHz - Radio Kelyje, Kaunas. Klaipeda-tx. 03.00-
100.2 MHz - Extra FM, Klaipeda (500 W). 04.30-
103.7 MHz - Radio Lietus, Klaipeda. RDS-level. 04.40-
106.9 MHz - Tilsitskaya Volna, Sovetsk, KALININGRAD. 05.00-
+ dozens of other network-transmitters around W- and SW-Lithuania.

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