Friday 13 June 2008

Waiting for Es - Thursday 12.6.208

Two days left of this pedition and we are begging for some Es-conditions to fill the silent band!!
We are leaving on early Sat morning (HKU and JUS have a chance to leave Sunday midday).

Todays's highlight was
Evropa Plus Kaliningard 104.5 MHz with tropo-scatter during whole day! Now with local spots!
NO Sporadic-E on Thursday!!! E-skip-map was not much better than this whole day >

Yesterday HKU wrote an e-report to new Rigan dance-station
Top Radio 91.9 MHz (www). They replied in two hours confirming the mp3-clip!!
This station has very strange history. They have started broadcasting 15 years ago without license. They made the station as a hobby with no commercials.
However, authorities took their transmitter once per year!! "But we survived", wrote Mihails from Top Radio.
Now they have legal 2 kW V on 91.9 MHz (rent frequency) and surprisingly this station was weakly audible in Utö almost all the time fading up and down!!

Another QSL came on Thursday 12.6.2008: Religious station,
Marijos Radiojas (www) confirmed my mp3-clip. They had one other report from Finland before (must be Marko Brask) and they wondered why this 91.8 MHz (Siauliai-tx) can reach Finland so well!

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