Wednesday 24 December 2008

QSL-replies from Utö-pedition

Our FM-DX-pedition to Utö last June brought us many replies from stations. For example Jussi Suokas got around 20 QSLs.
Jukka Soini
received a message from Radio Sei (www), Rome, Italy (91.4 MHz). Among the verification there were long mp3-clip of their programme. In this clip the DJs talk and wonder about the distant reception in Finland on FM!!
Listen the mp3-clip.(2.4 Mb-file)
Radio Sei seems to have moved from 91.4 MHz to 98.1 MHz later. It is part radiogroup Gruppo Roma Radio which owns two sport-stations: Rete Sport and Radio Sei, and oldies station Radio Italia Anni 60.

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