Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tuesday 12.6.2012: Russia, Ukraine - France, Spain!

From the Finnish point of view, conditions always end to UK, Scotland or Iceland - starting from the east and going through Europe to NW during several days.
However, now in the Tue morning gave the conds go back to east giving OIRT + 87,5 Humor FM 87.5  (Salsk) - and later we got more signals from the SW - no sign to Es go down. Great!

So, in the evening interesting opening again to France (Bretagne) and double-hop to Spain and Portugal. Two DXers of the group finally heard Portugal (and Iceland yesterday) after 30 years of trying!!!  In Spain the condition-point was targetted to Torrelavega-city wherefrom 4 different local station were picked up!! Conds starting 18.00 till 19.30 utc.

After local midnight weak Greeks were up with deep fading on several frequencies up to 98 MUF. Strange cond for 20 minutes. This is how the conditions should go - giving openings all around Europe even
with double-hops!!

Click for better view.

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