Saturday 16 June 2012

Sunday 17.6.2012: Utö11 is over

Utö 180 degrees panorama, direction south from Utö Logi cottages  ( Photo: Otso Ylönen)
Utö11-pedition is over! The antennas are down.
This pedition was succesful, especially comparing to one year before. Within 10 days we heard almost all European countries plus Morocco (which was one of the first logged station).

We hoped to have openings to Spain and Portugal and got them!! Also Turkey and Greece - and even Iceland!! Very unique period -finally! Also nice openings to South France and Bretagne.

What was missing: No Balkan, no Serbia (only briefly) and also UK was almost totally missing this time. Only a few STL-links around 50 MHz + BBC on lower band.

The price of the longest-skip-competition goes to Marko Brask (MB). He id'ed first MFM Oriental 89.2, Béni-Mellal-site, Morocco, although everybody heard it. So, he got the Utö FM-DX-2012 T-shirt and baseball-cap! Congrats!

Here below is the country-list with number of stations which was heard first time in Finland during this pedition.

The number of FIRST TIME logged stations (in Finland) by Utö11,  by country-listing:
ALBANIA: 1 - / - BELGIUM: 4 - / - BULGARIA: 3 - / - SPAIN: 10 - / -
FRANCE: 12 - / - GREAT BRITAIN: 1 - / - GREECE: 13 - / - ITALY: 2
LITHUANIA: 1 - / - LATVIA: 3 - / - MOROCCO: 3 - / - PORTUGAL: 4
SERBIA: 2 - / - TURKEY: 1.

Total number of first time logged stations (in Finland) is 60 (Last year only a few).

Next pedition will be on the same period next summer, 6-16.6.2013.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastisch Harri, heb dit blog met aandacht bekeken en gelezen, phoe hee wat een techniek en veel ervaring. Geweldig wat jullie hebben ontvangen. Ik werk ook met een XDR radio + 8 elements fuba. 25-6 was er ook wat sporadic-e naar Italië/Tunesië, en noord Afrika. SFAX toevallig ontvangen.

Ik hou het wel wat in de gaten wat je zoal doet, mooi hoor.

Groet Gert Witteveen, Hattem.