Monday 11 June 2012

Mon 11.7.2012: Big opening to France, Belgium

Excellent start for the week!
In the morning BBC and 50 MHz-links were teasing us for over one hour. Therefore it was a big surprise that a big opening moved to NE France (Paris and NE of Paris) giving big signals - also from Belgium.
A few low power Belgium were catched, perhaps some even from Holland. Start 08.30 - end 11.25.
The band was mostly so full of French signals that no RDS were visible.
Dozens of identified stations, or hundreds, but not many "never heard before".

Portugal came up for 2-3 minutes in the early evening. This is very specail to pick up stations from so many countries.

Late evening we got Iceland on several frequencies, RUV and Bylgjan!!  Incredible variaty of identified countries on this pedition  - and -no Russians at all!!

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