Friday 8 June 2012

Antennas up again, Utö11-pedition 2012

We have almost smilar setup this summer for FM: 2 x  Körner 15.19 V, 1 x Triax 8-el H, and bigger Körner 19.3 H (homemade by Juha). All equipped with Triax and Ulna-amps.

For 50 MHz + OIRT we have one 5-element H (for 50 MHz-links and OIRT).
Another 50 MHz-antenna (4-element yagi made by Zaba, OH1ZAA) is for ham operation for Harri (HKU, OH1GQB) with Icom 736-transceiver. First QSO ever is about to come!!!

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