Sunday 10 June 2012

Sunday 10.6.2012: Turkey, Greece etc. - MUF 108

This summer we seem to be lucky with conditions.
In the morning a aood opening to Turkey (mostly Istanbul), Greece, Bulgaria and some Italy. MUF up to 108 MHz! Time: 6.40 - 09.15 utc.

A few nice Greek catches and Istanbul-stations flashed RDS all around the band!!

The coming collective log of this day will be huge - as we have 4 x Perseus running (+ one Dientronik) + altogehter 25 Sony XDR-receivers online (3 of them offline)!!

In the afternoon after lunch in local restaurant we had conditions to Piemonte (around Torino) and Marseille-Toulon-area. Also a few Swiss-stations for the end. Starting 1240 - ending 1350utc.
Surprsingly stable condition over Marseille. Many stations were up for 30 minutes.

Late evening we had one hour to Italy around Modena etc. but luckily two rare sardinians came up:
Radio Macomer Centrale (95.8 MHz, NU) and Radio Del Golfo (93.9 MHz, SS). Strong signals gave usual Italian stations from the earthquake area.

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