Friday, 8 June 2012

First day (8.6.2012): Morocco on FM in Utö!!

Results from the first day were excellent!! The whole crew heard Morocco. The station was MFM Oriental, Béni Mellal-transmitter on 89.2 MHz (16 kW) airing adverts and audio-ID. This skip is 3685 km. Great start for the pedition! The other id'ed station was SNRT Al Idaâ Al-Watania (national radio channel in Morocco) on 88.8 MHz. Most likely tx-Meknes 10 kW.
Also some France (Oui FM R. de la Mer) and Spain (Kiss FM, COPE, RNE). One surprise was Lightning FM 90.8, a pirate station from London, UK (brief skip)!! 

We have a competition goin on: Who catches the most distant signal during this pedition gets Utö DXing-baseball-cap. At the moment this price is heading to MB (Marko). He digged the audio-id first and identified this Moroccon station. Also tentatively from the same tx-tower was heard Radio Mars 91.6 MHz. Unfortunately no id. Heard by JTK.
It is very hard to beat this record during this pedition anymore. The price for competition is  a baseball-cap (photo below) signed to Utö pedition 2012!


Rick said...

Hieno alku, onnea jatkollekin!
Mutta olikos nuo ainoat kuullut vai vain parhaat?


Anonymous said...

Lähes ainoita idattuja nuo olivat. Ilmeen heikko ja selektiivinen keli.